University at Albany, State University of New York

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Applied Topology in Albany (ATiA) Seminar


Fridays at 2pm on password-protected ZOOM. Contact the organizers for the link.


Justin Curry
Mike Lesnick
Ben Schweinhart


Marco Varisco


Spring 2021
Fall 2020
Spring 2020
Fall 2019

Spring 2021

Nota Bene: This seminar alternates some weeks with the Workshop on Topology: Identifying Order in Complex Systems seminar, which is abbreviated WoT below.
Email the organizers in order to get the Zoom link for the WoT seminar.

February 5
No Seminar
February 12
Hans Reiss (University of Pennsylvania)
Tarski Sheaves
February 19
Elchanan Solomon (Duke University)
From Geometry to Topology: Inverse Theorems for Distributed Persistence
February 26
Alex Elchesen (University of Florida)
Virtual Persistence Diagrams, Signed Measures, and Wasserstein Distance
March 5
Ulrich Bauer (Technical University of Munich )
(WoT Seminar) Persistent Matchmaking
March 12
Georg Osang (IST Austria)
Order-k Delaunay Mosaics and Alpha Shapes
March 19
René Corbet (KTH)
Computing the Multicover Bifiltration
March 26
Håvard Bakke Bjerkevik (TU Graz)
Title TBD
April 2
Vidit Nanda (Oxford)
(WoT Seminar) The Missing Link
April 9
Nikola Milicevic (University of Florida)
Title TBD
April 16
April 23
April 30
Sabetta Matsumoto (Georgia Tech)
(WoT Seminar) Twisted Topological Tangles or: The Knot Theory of Knitting
May 7